Friday, August 24, 2012

Unreal Candy Bars - Review and CVS Deal

If you haven't cashed in your free Unreal Candy coupon from CVS, I have great news for you :) CVS currently has the 4 varieties of Unreal candy marked down to 69¢ each. Why is this good news? Well, the free coupon CVS emailed out earlier this week automatically takes of 99¢, so I was able to get 2 unreal candy bars and I paid only 42¢ :)

Who wouldn't like an extra candy bar? You know you're lying if you said you wouldn't :)

I grabbed the caramel and nougat and the caramel and nougat with peanuts. Here's my first bite EVER of an Unreal candy bar captured here just for you:
You have just witnessed history. I at the just caramel and nougat one and it was really good. The chocolate is a better quality than other similar bars - the only way I can describe it is that is tasted more like something out of a box of chocolates than a normal candy bar you get at the store. It was quite good and I know my hubbs will be glad to try the other variety with nuts :)

So, head over to CVS with your free coupon to grab this deal for yourself!
*I also was notified that my Bzz kit with a free coupon for this candy shipped today :) Hooray, more candy!

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