Monday, August 20, 2012

Sewing Update: New Projects and New Stash Stuff

Well, I got in a sewing mood last week and decided to start my Jasmine blouse I've been planning. I bought this cute Amy Butler fabric when I went to the Sewing Studio back in July. I bought it with no real project in mind but I had to get it because it was only $1.50 per yard. I got all the was left on the bolt, but that was only 1.75 yards. I lucked out - it was just enough to squeak out the main pieces and sleeves of the Jasmine :)
I picked up the cream cotton to use for the tie, cuffs and facings when I was over at Leigh's learning to crochet - it was the closest match I could find but it's not perfect. It's honestly such a slight difference, I don't think anyone will notice but me. I decided to do the plain ties and whatnot before I started the project because I definitely wouldn't have been able to fit all the pieces in the pink fabric. Also, since I had so little of the pink fabric plus since this top is cut on the bias, I couldn't even begin to try and match up the pattern at the seams. This is the biggest thing that bugs me - it wouldn't be so bad if the seam didn't go right down the center front, but oh well. I'm beginning to look at this as a wearable muslin (a.k.a. a practice run to try and see if it fits correctly so it doesn't matter if it's not perfect). My husband says it still looks good, but I'm pickier than that. So, I started sewing it up :) So far I've got the darts in and the main pieces sewn together - now I'm onto the cream colored pieces and sleeves. I'm hoping I'll feel motivated and whip this baby up so I can wear it soon. We shall see if that happens, lol.

On a different sewing note, I went by Hancock Fabric on Thursday :) I really only went for their 99¢ Simplicity pattern sale, but it decided to monsoon outside so I was kind of stranded. Fabric stores are a dangerous place for me to be stuck it - well, dangerous for my wallet. I meandered around and found a bunch of their sale fabrics that would just make such cute tops :) Mostly I had Jasmines on the brain and I really wanted some plain fabric so I wouldn't be bugged about the pattern not matching at that center seam.
Starting at the left, the royal blue cotton poplin and the pale blue chambray will be another Jasmine top :) Can I just say - I LOVE chambray! I would have never even known what it was except that Valerie of Threads Thoughts and Things is always saying how much she loves it. I lucked out and each of these fabrics were about $4 per yard (not my usual ridiculously cheap prices, but still good for a nice fabric). The chambray will be the main part of the blouse and the blue poplin will be the ties and cuffs - this combo has a very nautical feel and I love it :)

The teal and brown paisley will also be a jasmine blouse with the brown cotton as the ties and cuffs. I'm a huge sucker for paisley as well as that minty teal color. This is a random pattern, so I know it will still look ok without matching it up in the center. Also, it's quilter's cotton - I just couldn't resist :) The floral pattern is actually going to be Simplicity 1886 - I want to make option B but with the ruffle in the middle from version E. I must confess, I originally wanted to do a Jasmine with this (he he) but I couldn't find a good color for the ties and I thought it would be too busy to make the whole thing with. I picked up the Simplicity pattern on this trip to (see below) and decided it would be cute and simple. The fabric is a cotton poly viscose of some kind and it's nice and light so I know if will be comfortable. The red is cotton poplin that will be a solid color Jasmine :) What can I say? I'm addicted. I anticipate a closet full of these one day.
Now for the main reason I was even at the store :) I read a lot of sewing blogs and whenever I see something someone made that I like, I write down the pattern number on a list in my phone. That way, I have an accurate list of the patterns I want for whenever a store puts them on sale for 99¢ - then I get a big stack of them. I grabbed 3 patterns for bolero style jackets (something I really need more of), 4 dresses, 1 retro dress, 4 tops and 2 skirts. The fairly plain skirt pattern (2451) is seriously one of the most used patterns I see online. It's a very simple skirt that can be changed up in lots of ways. My personal pattern collection is getting pretty crazy in size (don't even get me started on the patterns I have for sale, lol), but it's nice to have all the ones I could want to use so I don't have to wait for another sale when I finally decide to make it. I believe that the pattern sale will be this weekend too, so check out Hancock's sale ad if you need to stock up yourself :)

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