Saturday, August 11, 2012

Which Picture for Craftsy Contest?

Sorry for such an unrelated blog post, but I am actually entering a photo contest! Craftsy wants to add pictures of their students with projects they have made to their front webpage and so they are having a contest (hooray!). If you have made anything from any of their classes, they want to see your photos. They contacted me because of my Lace Edge Scarf photo I put up on my profile, so my husband and I had a little photo shoot with that and my other work in progress, the Cambridge Scarf.

I'm very torn between the first two photos - I will submit one of these for the contest. I thought it would be cool to show me actually working on the scarf. Here are the other two better shots:

I like these ones, but I still like the first 2 the best. By the way, these photos show my true dedication - I was outside with a scarf around my neck in the 100 degree heat of Florida. I even tried to wear my black pea coat to take a few photos, but that didn't last long as it's just so blasted hot out. I think that's why I don't like the orange scarf photo - the orange reflects a little pink on my face on top of the face that I was pink anyway from the heat.

It felt so weird to be on the other side of the camera :) I am glad for our photo equipment and knowledge from having our own photography business for a while though. My husband can be pretty handy sometimes :)

So, what do you think? Should I submit #1 or #2 above? Help me!


  1. Ditto with Beth. I like the second one too. This is so cool. I'm excited about this because I just figured out that Craftsy offers some classes on cake decorating and I just bought one! I can't wait to see it because it talks about some things that I've wanted to learn for a hopes are high.


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