Friday, August 31, 2012

Knitting Update: Let the Boob Holder Begin!

Well, I am really involved in my Craftsy Fit Your Knits class. I've watched probably about half of it and I have already had many "Ah Ha!" moments. The biggest one that is pertinent to what I'm working on now came in the section on gauge. Stefanie Japel specifically said that you should only measure your gauge after you have blocked the piece (a.k.a. hit it with steam to stretch the yarn slightly). This honestly never occurred to me before. So, I still used a size 10 needle (even though the pattern calls fora size 9) and I restarted my gauge swatch and blocked it. Et voilà!
 I have achieved gauge! Hizzah! I was so excited I even ran over to show my husband - he very nicely feigned excitement for me over my little knitted square :)

So, last night (while watching Project Runway) I officially started my Minisweater (a.k.a. Boob Holder). I'm making it out of Premier Everyday Worsted Yarn in Aubergine. I even went to Hobby Lobby (where I got the yarn) and luckily found one skein left that was from my dye lot just in case making that large swatch would affect my yardage. I was seriously afraid of getting toward the end only to find that I didn't have enough yarn and I found this yarn in the sale section so I knew it wouldn't last long.
So, here is my sweater :) lol Doesn't it look great? This is actually just the collar area (that's all I've knitted so far), but I am really excited about it and I'm thrilled that I can actually see what part is what and what it becomes. This is my first ever sweater and larger project, so I was nervous about it but it is going well thus far.

I know I will have more updates as it grows :)

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