Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Knitting Update: I Finished The Man Hat!

Well, I was on a roll last night and decided to whip this baby out while I had the motivation :)
I used my husband as a model to make sure it would fit up to a large headed male. The glory of this much ribbing in the knit is that it will shrink down enough for smaller headed folk too, so since it fits Justin it will fit anybody.
It's amazing that something that looks like a golf club cover actually stretches enough to be a hat for an adult male. I can even roll the edge cuff up and it fits me great
Here is what it looks like from the top:
This was a much simpler decrease than the baby hat I made before. The baby hat pattern calls for you to knit 2 together followed by a slip slip knit - I'm not a fan of the ssk because my hands really don't do it well and it's cumbersome. This brown hat just has you knit 2 together, so it gives more of a spiral look to the top (verse the straight looking lines from the baby hat) but for how much easier it was I love how this looks.

This hat came out so much more evenly knit than my others and with very few spots I'm not loving. There are a few spots, don't get me wrong, but when it's all stretched out on your head you can't see them. I'm really proud of this hat and I'm confident it will do great for the project it is for. I'll be giving more info about the reason behind this hat in mid September :) I'm so excited I can hardly keep it a secret, but it's not much longer now.

At least I know that it looks good to other people. My husband wants me to make him one exactly the same as this one. Then I showed the rest of my family and now my little brother and sister have requested one. Looks like I'll be making more of these as Christmas gifts :)


  1. I've just started knitting and I CANNOT WAIT to try my hand at hats! Your hat turned out perfectly in my eyes :)

  2. Awe thanks :) Don't be afraid of hats! I will be the first to admit that double pointed needles looked really intimidating, but once I tried it I was surprised how easy they were to use.

  3. hey nice hat... please share the pattern... katie5936@gmail.com :-))


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