Monday, August 20, 2012

Knitting Update: Baby Hat Picks!

I finally got my little tags made for my baby gifts and I sewed them in. I tried a few different methods I saw on pinterest (using freezer paper put through your printer), but those didn't work no matter what type of ribbon I used; so I finally gave up and used a piece of inkjet fabric transfer paper and ironed them on - worked like a charm.
I used polyester ribbon so I could melt the edges a little bit to prevent fraying. Then I just folded the melted edges under, folded them in half and hand stitched them on. I was really happy with how they came out :)
A little closeup :)

I gave the baby shower gifts on Sunday too. The moms-to-be didn't get to open them there (because we were at church), so I hope they like them. 
Also, I got a chance to give baby Jack his red hat yesterday. I had him in mind when I made it and it fit great! It even had a little room to grow so he will be able to use it when it finally gets cold here. I did feel really bad though - Jack's older brother Sawyer saw me give him a hat and he was really bummed he didn't get one too. So, to cheer him up I tried Jack's hat on him :)
It just barely fit, lol. He was so happy though and he wore it around the rest of the time I was there. I told him I would make him one and he said his favorite color is blue, so I have a new project as soon as I get some blue yarn :)

It was so nice to see a smiling little face from something I made. I'm excited to make another one. And I can't wait to see the other hats on little baby heads once they are born. I'm officially addicted to making baby gifts now.
Last night, we were home and I had a little time, so I worked on my brown 'man hat'. I'm nearing the end, so I asked Justin if he would try it on to make sure it would fit. lol Doesn't he look thrilled. We decided it still needs another 1.5 inches so it covers his ears. It was a smidge tight on him, but he has a big head (lol just like me) so I'm confident it will fit an 'adult male'. It's so hard to tell how big it will stretch since it's almost all ribbed - it kind of looks like an arm cuff while it's on the needles. I'm excited to finish this baby up :) I'm so close!


  1. Cute cute cute baby hats! And I love your tags - they look super professional!

  2. Awe, thanks :) I'm so thrilled you read my blog, lol. I read yours all the time and get inspiration for things i want to make. And now I share your love of chambray :)

  3. Both boys are sleeping right's a miracle! I just had to go get Jack's hat and look at it because I somehow missed the tag yesterday. That's so cute! Thank you Megan! I'm so impressed you just barely learned how to do these, I think they turned out great! And I love the feel of the cotton yarn. Speaking of yarn...I can supply the blue yarn - just let me know what kind you want and I'll get it. You're so nice to think of my boys, thank you!

  4. No, I've got it already arranged for the blue yarn. I just have to go pick it up :) And I'm just glad they like it. You're kids are so cute!


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