Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Knitting Update: 2 New Projects Started!

Well, as usual my exciting weekend consisted of knitting! lol My husband and I don't really go out much on the weekend (more during the week so it's less crowded), so we often spend weekends at home relaxing. Good news for my knitting projects :)
First thing's first, I started this for a super secret project I'm helping out with :) I can't give all the delicate info, but I can tell you it's a hat :) I ended up getting about 3 inches done over the course of 2 days with just a few hours total, so I'm confident I will meet my 'finish by the end of August' deadline. I'll post more about it once the cat is out of the bag :) I'm using this Basic Hat pattern in adult size. I laid out all of my non-girly looking yarns (which were quite few) and let my husband choose the color. He thought this Caron Simply Soft in Chocolate would be good. He now wants one for himself too, so I may end up duplicating this for him :) And can I just say I LOVE Caron Simply Soft?! Because I do. I pretty much am not interested in knitting anything that isn't soft. I mean, I understand this is acrylic yarn, but it just feels so nice and looks so pretty. Also, you don't have to worry about what dye lot it is and you can wash it in the machine - what's not to love?
Also, since i have knitting ADD, I started my own Gap-Tastic Cowl :) A friend of mine has made bunches of these and all of hers were so cute, I just had to have one for myself.
This is my first time using such large needles (size 13!) as well as my first time using a circular needle AND first time using a texture yarn to knit with. So far, it's gone really well. I did screw up for a few inches, but because the yarn is so bumpy and crazy I didn't notice until I was a few inches into it. Luckily, the fact that I didn't even notice my screw up also means that no one is going to be able to tell there is anything wrong with it. Super extra points for bumpy yarn :) The yarn I'm using for this is Lion Brand Homespun and the color is Waterfall - isn't it cool? It's very exciting seeing the results so far and it makes me excited to finish (and wish that I could knit faster). It will be about 3 times as wide as it is now when it's done, but since it's on the circular needle it looks like I'm knitting a weird collar or something - have no fear friends, I'm not THAT crazy. It will stretch out when it's off the needle and it will probably be long enough to hit my navel when it's not doubled up.

Anyway, I'm still knitting my socks as well as my gray scarf, but those have taken a back burner while I get at least that hat done (since it's for a deadline). I also have to get crack-a-lackin' at some baby hats for all my prego friends. Good thing I love knitting so much :)

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