Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fun

I used to do a weekly post called Friday Fun where I just showed something funny for us all to enjoy. At the time, it became a little difficult to find cute things to post each week, so it kind of fell to the wayside. But... that was before I was a Pinterest addict :) Now I have a seemingly endless supply of funny or cool things to show - so much so that I have decided to resurrect the Friday Fun posts. So, here is the first Friday Fun in almost a year. Enjoy!
This is actually a mug that you can buy online, but I just love the phrase :) Just this week a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she needed suggestions of ways to relax and I mentioned knitting. I know I haven't been knitting long, but I already find the repetitive action very comforting. It's weird to say this, but I suffer from the occasional anxiety attack. It's nothing where I go crazy or break out in hives  or anything, but it's enough that it causes a problem and my poor husband always tries to make me feel better when it happens. He's good like that :) Since I've been knitting though he doesn't even have to do anything except encourage me to knit. The actual action calms me down and the fact that I'm accomplishing something helps boost my spirits.

So, I just thought I'd share this cute phrase with you. And hey, if you find yourself needing something to do this holiday weekend, why not try knitting? :)

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