Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recyclebank: 50 More Points

Recyclebank has a new opportunity to earn 50 more points! Just go here to sign in and click on Earn Points at the top of the page. Scroll down until you see the picture that looks like the above. Just go through the house and click on each pink dot (as well as the yellow sprinkler for a hidden one) to take new pledges and such to get points for each one you do :) They will open up more of this same type of point-earner each month, so make sure to check back in September.

Also, I know I haven't really posted about Recyclebank in a long time (mainly because I haven't checked my account in a long time) and there are a bunch of new opportunities I hadn't done. I ended up earning not just the 50 above but another 100 points! So be sure to check around on the site to earn all the points you can :)

Not a member of Recyclebank? Recyclebank is a great website that rewards you with high value coupons and special offers just for learning about greener actions you can use in your daily life. Go here to join and get started!

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