Monday, July 23, 2012

Knitting For Babies - Project Update

Well, I got it in my head that I should make booties - I guess since it's the biggest stereotype in knitting plus my sister is having a baby (she's due in November). Kelly's bébé is a boy and he will be my first nephew or niece. Since I've got the knitting bug something fierce lately, I thought it only right that I make my nephew-to-be a little something. I was browsing through sewing blogs and K-Line showed her set of these she just made as a gift. I knew I had to make some too so I got this Caron Simply Soft yarn in Ocean 9759  - I love the simply soft yarn line because it's easy to knit, feels great, and is washable and all that. The bootie pattern is in French, but it has the basics translated on the bottom. Unfortunately the booties are way small - like maybe a doll could wear these. I don't think I've ever encountered a non-preemie-baby whose feet were that small. So, needless to say I will be making another pair just gauging up a bit to fit a human baby.

The hat is my first hat ever! Yay! It was a challenge to start having never done anything like that before (plus you start with a basket stitch for the ribbing and I only just figured that out), but once I got going it was really easy. Now I'm in the home stretch with it - I have about 1.5" left to do in just a basic knit stitch so no biggie, then I follow the pattern to decrease and finish off. I did the booties on Friday night and I just started the hat on Saturday night (just got it cast on, divided and 2 rows knit) and I spent a few hours on it yesterday. I find I am more excited to finish it the closer I get, so I'm sure it will be hacked out really soon.

So, if you want to try your hand at these super simple baby gifts, follow these links:

  • Chaussons Mignons (Cute Slippers) - Remember these are very small! If you size them up, just add the same number of stitches to the top section as the bottom so they will work out right (you'll see what I mean - it looks like a big T so just keep the T proportional). Scroll down to see the English translation and then just follow the diagram to stitch them together.
  • Basic Baby Hat - No changes to this so far. The pattern is very straight forward :)

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