Friday, July 13, 2012

Folks, I'm Completely Addicted...

Behold the bounty! My lovely friend Tara gave me a fantastic gift last week. I showed her my scarf I knitted and she got all excited. See, she too is an avid thrift store/ estate sale shopper, and she said she had such a great thing for me. Among a bunch of other sewing notions and awesome things she gave me was a whole box of knitting needles!
The box had 14 sets of 4 double pointed needles (for knitting in the round), 6 sets of 2 single pointed needles, 4 stitch holder pins, 2 stitch counters, 2 weird pieces I still don't know what they are, a pouch for the stitch holders and a ruler/needle gauge. All of the needles and stitch holders are of varying sizes, so I'm pretty sure I am set for most anything I want to make. What's even cooler about this find is that Tara got all that you see here plus a few other pairs of single points (she kept some so she can learn) for $1! Holy cow! They were definitely dirty when I got them, but a good rub down with a lysol wipe and everything was ready to go. I even started using some last night. 
lol Here are my current projects :) These all occurred because I was trying to move on in my Knit Lab class on Craftsy, but I am having serious trouble with the seed stitch. I knit that I am weird in my knitting style - I'm an 'English knitter', so I manually take my right hand and wrap the thread around to make a stitch. It is much more time consuming than continental style, but I just can't get my left hand to keep good tension. Anyway, so after trying different things to figure out the seed stitch for over and hour to no avail, I abandoned that and started making another garter stitch scarf :) I've gotten really good at garter stitch and I really just needed something fun to keep me going. So, that yellow project up there is going to be similar to the orange lace scarf but it will be wider and much longer so I can wrap it around. So far it looks great, so I'm very excited. Also that same night, I had dug through my yarn bin to find that yellow and I came across that pink yarn and I jst wanted to see what it would look like knitted up. So, I cast on 20 stitches and just did garter stitch and I really like the texture of it. I know you can't see it really in the picture but the pink has a smaller white thread twirled in with it, so it gets little flecks of white - also the pink part is bumpy, so it will look really neat. Plus it's baby soft yarn - love that stuff!
A few nights ago I decided to try and knit baby booties since my sister is pregnant with a boy - the first baby from any of us. Since I am good at garter stitch, I found this pattern on Ravelry that seemed easy enough and only used stitches I already knew how to do. I still messed it up though and bound off at the toe instead of gathering it, but hey it's my first try. At least you can tell it's a bootie :) It's also way to big for a newborn, so I'm going to make them again correctly and make them smaller.
Finally, Wednesday night I decided that I would begin the Knit Sock Workshop on Craftsy. Mostly I wanted to learn how to knit in the round and this workshop shows you that. I watched the introductory episodes plus a little of the starting and I practiced on some bigger yarn and needles that night. Thursday, I was ready to start some socks, so I went out and bought this cool self striping sock weight yarn. I will be making lace socks for myself :) I already had all the needles from that box from Tara, so I started last night and it may not look like much, but I am very proud of what I accomplished. I'm making the toe! And what you see here seriously took me like 2 hours to do. She has you do a really strange cast on for a swirl toe - apparently it'seven  hard for experienced knitters - so I really took my time and I am very pleased with the result. 

I will definitely keep you posted on my various projects as they come along :) I've seriously gotten to where I would rather watch a Craftsy class than regular TV. It's the perfect activity for after my husband goes to bed - just me with headphones and my laptop. I highly recommend it :)

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