Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bloom Review: T'eez Styling Cream and Volume Spray

Two of the things included in my Bloom Ambassador box this month were from the T'eez hair care line which is new to Bloom :) I had heard good things about this brand so I was excited to try it out. I am constantly on the search for the perfect hair products for my hair type (this is a very hard quest), so I am willing to try almost anything.
First of all, my hair is not a very common type - it's very thin but I have a ton of it on my head. This is nice because at least I don't look like I have 'thinning' *ahem* balding hair BECAUSE I don't, just to clarify. On top of my thin texture, I have what a previous stylist of mine called Glassy hair - very shiny and slick and heavy. What's more, I have an incredibly oily scalp - my mom used to call me Exon Valdez as a child. All of these things combine to make my hair that really isn't good for anything except the Cher-style long and flat doo of the 60s which isn't a good look for me. I end up always getting my hair cut the same - long and layered - and I have to blow dry it everyday to keep it from waving randomly around my head. When you add the Florida humidity into the equation, you just should never waste your time on curls either. Can you tell I have issues with my hair? Basically I do not have the know-how or the will to try and force my hair into a style other than straight because it falls out within 30 minutes.

Anyway, enough of my self-hair-loathing and back to the products. I was given T'eez Bounce Me Styling Cream and Build Me Volume Spray. I decided to replace my daily dose of mousse with these products just to see how they fair for my normal hairstyle. I began with damp hair and added my pin size dose of Frizz-Ease (again - the humidity) before either product. The styling cream came next and is applied from mid shaft to the tips of the hair and then the volume spray is applied to the roots. I made sure to lift up my roots with my fingertips to be sure I wasn't just spraying it on top of my hair. Then I did my usual blow out with a round brush to curl the ends under slightly.
Here is the result and it looks just like my normal daily doo, so I was happy. I really like the scents of both products, particularly the styling cream. I didn't totally love the volume spray as it made my very slick hair have kind of a crunchy hair spray-like texture at the top when the rest of my hair was soft. It sounds silly but I hate that so it's not really worth the little bit of volume it gave my heavy hair. I have been using the styling cream for my daily look for a week now and I really like it - it has replaced my normal mousse.

I have to say that the Bounce Me really lived up to its name and my hair had a nice little bit of bounce throughout the day. At first I was nervous of how it would work since the main purpose of a styling cream is for curls (at least in my brain, anyway) but I have to say it did really well. My hair styled straight with no problems and is still soft and movable so I don't have to worry about messing it up - I can just brush it and we're good.

I give the T'eez Bounce Me Styling Cream 5 Stars! This product really surprised me on how well it worked for my difficult hair. I have honestly replaced my usual hair products with this and I have been happy each time I use it :)

I give the T'eez Build Me Volume Spray 4 Stars: The only reason I didn't 100% love this is because of the slight crunch it gave my roots. It did give me a nice boost of volume, but I just don't love that hair spray effect. It definitely lived up to its claims for volume though, so I highly recommend this if you are looking for a little volume.

Go to Bloom to checkout these products for yourself :)

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