Monday, July 23, 2012

Bloom Review: Lily. B Red Tea Defense Booster Hydrating Serum

This was a nice little product that was included in my ambassador box this month from Bloom. I was sent a deluxe sample size of the product and hadn't really thought much about it ... until my sunburned face started to peel this weekend. I got burnt while on CocoCay last week on my cruise and my face had finally healed enough to peel the nasty burnt skin off (isn't the thought of that just gross?). The peeling started on Saturday, but it was still a little tender so I didn't want to exfoliate yet. I ended up not being able to wear any facial makeup that day (gasp!) and I just stuck to eye makeup - not a good look on me, my skin really needs some evening out.
Anyway, when Sunday rolled around, I didn't have anywhere I needed to be so I did a full scale fix up for my face. I exfoliated the daylights out of my face with an apricot scrub - this got most of the big pieces off, but it left my skin looking dry and ashy.

*Disclaimer - the following are pictures that I really don't love posting. Lol Consider these photos as a testament to my honesty in this review, because believe me I would usually not show anyone this. These are the shots of the really bad flaky areas on my face.

The forehead shot didn't come out very well, but it was really flaky too.  So, I decided to really give the hydrating serum a run for its money.
I was really surprised at how liquidy it is. It had a yellow color to it, but it was like water so just know that before you squirt it out. I used a few pumps and rubbed it all over my face. It absorbed really nicely and didn't leave me oily at all which was fantastic! My face felt smooth and nice. Also, this smelled really wonderful which just added to how much I liked it.

Now for the results!

I was pleased as punch with this stuff! It really went on wonderfully and cleared up my peeling skin. I used my normal moisturizer on top of this and then just fixed my face like normal.
My skin looks perfectly normal and the hydrating serum really helped the foundation to go on nice and smooth. No build up of product around the broken up skin cracks (doesn't that sound awful!) or anything - it just looks like I would any other non-sunburn-afflicted day!

I am seriously in love with this product. Even though I have oily skin, my face also has occasional dry patches and I know this would be great to use just on specific spots. It is also good for sensitive skin, so no need to worry about a reaction. It didn't cause me to break out either which is a constant fear when I use any product that says it's 'hydrating', but this has a nice, light application and finish. Hopefully my unfortunate photos help show you how well this works. The Lily. B Red Tea Defense Booster Hydrating Serum absolutely gets a 5 out of 5 stars!

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