Thursday, June 7, 2012

Titusville Aldi: 39¢ Hotdog and 59¢ Hambuger Buns!

While in the Titusville Aldi store today, I saw this sale that I just had to share. They currently have the 8 packs of hotdog buns on sale for only 39¢ each! And the 8 packs of hamburger buns for only 59¢! I didn't need either, but at those prices I grabbed 4 of each and threw them in my freezer :) We are definitely set for any July 4th festivities. If you need buns this summer (and come on, who doesn't?), head to your local Aldi to see if this sale is going on where you are too. Just put the bag in the freezer until you need it, then let them sit on your counter until thawed. Easy-Peasy!

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