Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Plum District: $40 on Ecomom.com for ONLY $16

Plum District  has just put up a great voucher to Ecomom.com :) They have a deal going where you can get a $40 voucher for only $20. On top of that already good deal, you can use promo code SUMMER20 at checkout to get 20% taken off your total and you will only pay $16! Woo hoo :) I did a similar deal with this website a while back and got some great items for my 72 hour kits :) Since it's hurricane season, the urge to prepare is in full swing here in Florida, so this would be a nice opportunity to snag some great items if you have been bit with the bug too.

Ecomom specializes in all natural products for baby and mom from toys and beauty supplies to housewares and much more. It's really a great site, so go here to grab this voucher and experience them for yourself!

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