Monday, June 18, 2012

New Sewing Project: Simplicity 2215 Skirt

I know that if you readers are anything like my mother, you will see my title and say, "Did you finish the other projects yet?" And I would say, No, I have not. I have reached a point with the dress where it needs so many alterations that I will actually have to pick out everything I have done and cut a new bodice piece to fix it. It honestly looked so bad when I put it on that I almost cried. I have come to terms with the issues and determined that I needed to lengthen the bodice piece at the beginning - the waistband starts in the middle of my boobs which is really not a good look for anyone. So, I have accepted that I now have 2 options: I can A) finish it as it is and hate it/never wear it/have wasted my time and money or B) pick it out and basically start over with a new bodice piece. I have chosen B as I really love the fabric and really do want this dress. I even went shopping last week and found a dress that is cut very similar to mine and it looked good on me, so I am confident that with the proper alterations, I will really love it. So that is what I will do. 

Even though I have come to terms with my fate at the moment, I really haven't felt like picking out the whole thing - especially when I've only had 1 me-made item that is totally finished. So, I'm in real need of something I can actually get finished and wear. Thus, I have started Simplicity 2215.
I decided to make just the skirt from this pattern first since I had read such wonderful things about it from Mary over at Idle Fancy. I seriously love her blog and it's so nice to see an average sized girl instead of the twigs in most of the sewing blogs. Hopefully Mary doesn't take that the wrong way if she reads this :)

Anyway, so this is a Cynthia Rowley design and even though it seems like a normal skirt with a pleated top it has a few twists. Miss Rowley made the pleats in different thicknesses and also going in different directions. I'm really excited to see how this comes out. I bought 2 yards of khaki colored bottom weight cotton twill so I could have a nice basic item for my wardrobe. So far I have all the pieces cut out and I plan on starting sewing it tonight :) I'll be updating you as I get things together!

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