Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Disney Birthday!

Well, it has been over a week since my birthday and I still haven't shown any of the ridiculous pictures from the blessed event :) Sorry for those of you who don't really want to see me and my husband at Disney, but it's my blog so whatever :)
This is me with my birthday ham! My dear husband bought me a pressing ham because I said I wanted one even though he had no idea what it is :) That's love, folks.
My myriad of sewing supplies my hubbs got me :) The Colette Ceylon dress pattern, the Colette Beignet skirt pattern, a pressing ham, some glass head pins and a mini Corgi puppy calendar :) I've been jonesing for those patterns for quite a while and I needed the ham and pins for my Couture Dress class on Craftsy. And he has made it kind of a tradition to get me some kind of Corgi calendar :) Thanks for the loot babe!
We started off at the Haunted Mansion. This is one of Justin's favorite headstones as you walk in the ride.
We've been to Disney a bunch of times, but I've never really looked into the different foods available at any of the parks other than Epcot, so this time I did a little research and found out that The Sleepy Hollow restaurant near the Haunted Mansion serves waffles sandwiches from 11am to 5pm. What?! We just had to try these out. They are just like they sound - a fresh cooked waffle that is folded in half with fixins inside. Justin got the ham, swiss and prosciutto and I got the sweet and spicy chicken. They were scrumptuous!
 A few obligatory shots on the Dumbo ride :)
 Did you know there are 2 Dumbo rides next to each other?! And there is a big circus tent with a play area for kids 2 to 8 that isn't quite open yet but it should be very soon.
Waiting in line for the Barnstormer roller coaster. Check out my button! As soon as we entered the park, we noticed a lot of random people telling me Happy Birthday, so we counted throughout the day. 30 complete strangers wished me a Happy Birthday :) Gotta love Disney!
We had to document this just to prove how soaked we were from Splash Mountain. We were in the front row - Never let them put you there! We were soaked long before the large drop at the end because every time your log slows down the water sloshes over the front and onto you. 
I was honestly so wet we had to find Justin's eshemagh in his bag for me to dry my glasses - all of me was wet and remained that way even on the car ride home which was about 6 hours after these photos were taken.
 Here we are on the carousel. Justin just loves that I make him ride all the kiddy rides. Honestly, I think he does love it because it keeps him from looking like a wuss for asking to ride them :)
I love all the older rides the most I think and I always make it a point to ride the carousel.
 And of course we had to ride the tea cups :)
Look how happy he looks :) I don't think we have any nice faced shots of him from anything, but we had fun!
At the very end of the night, we realized that we hadn't had any birthday cake, so we set off in the craziness after the fireworks to find some kind of cake. We ended up at the Main Street Bakery and got a slice of chocolate cake. We only ate a few bites and took home the rest, but the milestone was reached nonetheless.

So, there you have it - my 27th birthday trip to Disney. Honestly, this was my most fun birthday I've had in a long time. It's nice to feel like a little kid again, when your birthday was a huge deal and everyone wished you well all the time. If you are getting older like me and want to recapture a fun b-day then I highly recommend Disney World :) You'll feel silly at first, but it's so much fun!

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