Monday, June 25, 2012

Bloom Review: Stila In the Garden and In the Moment Eye Shadow Palettes

This was a nice little addition to this month's Bloom Ambassador box :) Eye makeup is my one thing I tend to collect and accumulate lots of colors for experimentation. Even better that I got 2 palettes with 10 colors each!

Aren't the pretty? I wanted to try and create several looks using each palette, so I did a few more simple day looks and then enlisted the services of my younger sister - she wants to go to cosmetology school when she graduates high school and loves to experiment with bright and bold eye looks. She excitedly agreed to do me up style.

This is my look I created with the In the Moment Palette.

For this look, I started with eye shadow primer (I always do) then applied Instinct as a base all over my eye and then used Impulse on my lid. I then followed with Improvise in the crease and Catalyst around the outer edge to get a more smokey look. I definitely like the quality of the shadows. I've used other products from Stila but never their eye shadows and I was really happy with them. They blended well and the color came out very nice. I would say the color would definitely be different if you didn't use primer first. I don't think I'm a huge fan of lavender and purple on my skin color - it kind of washes me out - but it was nice to switch it up a bit. The only other thing I didn't 100% love about these shadows is that they are all glittery and I'm not a fan of all over glitter all the time. I like to use it more as an occasional highlight.

This was done by my sister. This is actually just 2 colors. She started with Instinct all over the eye and then Improvise diagonally across the crease to the upper lid. I actually really liked this one. I told her not to go too crazy so she did a really good job at giving me a nice everyday look.
Marisa even did her friend Camera :) This look has Wonder, Catalyst and Impulse. I think once she gets so mascara she would be good to go.
All in all, I liked this palette, but some of the colors aren't 100% in my taste, so I give this palette 3 stars.

Now for my favorite palette - In The Garden :) This palette was seriously more my color scheme. Even though the colors look very bright in the package, they all tend to go on with a more brown undertone than you can see beforehand. I actually used this palette quite a few times, but I had a massive technology failure with my camera. So, I only have pictures of 2 looks and one is admittedly not very good.
I know this picture isn't the greatest for seeing my eye makeup, but this was while I was at Disney World for my birthday :) See - I liked this so much I wore it on my b-day. For this look, I used Chinois all over the eye (a great base color for me, seriously), then I put sage and honey on top of my lid, followed by a bit of breeze at the tip of my tear duct and juniper in the crease. I was really surprised that juniper had such a brownish tone since it looks dark teal in the palette.

lol Posting these pictures make me realize how similar this looks to one of the looks above. This is another one my sister did and she used Chinois on the whole eye, Breeze on the lid and then Juniper in the crease. I really liked this look - it would have been good for everyday or you could dress it up for a saucy night out.

Like I said, I did make a few more looks and I really wish I could show them to you. I was completely happy with each of the looks from the In the Garden palette, so I give it 5 stars!

If you are a fan of creating new looks with fun eye shadows, I would highly recommend these two palettes. Head over to to grab them for yourself :)

Not familiar with Bloom? Go here to sign up and take advantage of their real customer reviews and their 365 day guarantee on every product :)

*I received samples of each of these palettes to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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