Monday, June 25, 2012

Bloom Review: Pacifica Bath & Body Collection

I was seriously so excited to see this pretty box in my Bloom Ambassador kit this month!
Doesn't it just look like a fun present? I honestly felt bad undoing the pretty bow, but I was really glad I did. I could smell what was inside before I got the paper moved to see what it was - Look!

I was super excited about the contents of my box. It included:
  • Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter
  • Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter
  • Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter
  • Island Vanilla Roll-On Perfume
  • Color Quench Lip Tint in Coconut Nectar 
  • Color Quench Lip Tint in Blood Orange
I got right to 'work' at trying these out. I have reviews for each individual item, but I only have pictures of the lip tints - I just didn't really know how to show you a picture of lotioned legs or a perfume :) So, here is the run down!
Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter - 5 Stars! I wanted to start off with this because it was absolutely my favorite item of the set. If you aren't familiar with Pacifica's body butters then you are seriously missing out. The texture is literally just like butter. It comes out of the bottle thick but then melts into your skin and soaks up nice and smooth. I used this with dry skin and also with just out of the shower and slightly wet skin and it worked wonderfully every time. It even worked great on freshly shaved legs and caused no irritation whatsoever, which is big for me. The other great thing is the scent :) Oh man do I love the scent of this. It's not kick you in the face citrusy but a kind of perfumy smell with a citrus undertone. Really a lovely scent. I even let my sisters and mom and coworkers use all the scents I was given and this was the favorite every time. I like this so much I will probably buy more when I run out :) Try it and you will be hooked too!
Island Vanilla Roll-On Perfume - 5 Stars! This was easily my second favorite item from the collection. Personally, I am a huge fan of roll-on perfumes not only for their convenience but it also feels so kitschy to use one. I love that you can throw this in your purse and give yourself an extra dab here and there throughout the day without filling your area with a perfume fog from a spray. I applied a little to each wrist, each side of my neck and a little at my neckline and it was just enough to give me something nice to smell throughout the day. The perfume doesn't last the whole day on me, which is really a pet peeve of mine with my other perfumes that are spray, but with this I don't mind since I can bring it with me and just use a little more. Also, the scent on this is totally true to its name. It's definitely vanilla but it has a hint of coconut and it makes it very beachy and islandy. It's a perfect summer scent and at only $12, it's a steal of a deal.
Color Quench Lip Tint in Blood Orange - 3 Stars  I liked this one, but didn't 100% love it. First off, the packaging is cool - it comes in an outer tube which is kind of neat. You would definitely know that no one else used it in a store or something :) The lip tint itself is in a large tube, which is nice because you get more for your money, but also a little annoying because I had a hard time keeping it just on my lips. This may be because I'm deficient, but it is what it is. I love the scent - it's the same as the body butter listed above - a nice subtle orangey scent. I also really like the color. I know the picture above doesn't look like I'm really wearing a lip product, but it was very hard to get the true color to show in the photos. It's actually a darker berry pink color than it looks above. It's nice because it gives the color of a lip stick but not the opacity and goopiness. The main thing I didn't like is kind of weird to explain. When I first opened the package and used this it was a slick and smooth texture and easy to apply. Now two weeks after opening it it seems to have dried out or something because it was really rough to apply. It seemed to soak in after a few minutes and then it felt nice, but the application was more like a lip scrub. I guess that's why it came in the tube. So, if you don't mind that texture issue occasionally then you would really like this.
Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter - 4 Stars  I liked this because it was the same texture as the Tuscan Blood Orange, so application was a dream. The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars is because I'm not the biggest fan of coconut scented things. Personally, a heavy coconut scent reminds me of Hawaiian Tropic and how people slather themselves in it here in Florida. Somehow because of that my brain equates coconut scent with cheap. I know it's weird, but I'm just not a big fan. However, my siblings love this stuff. They love the scent and my sister had even already bought this for herself so I know I'm a weirdo with the smell thing. Overall, this is a great product so if you like coconut you will be in heaven.

Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter - 2 Stars  This product is really not made for me. First off, it's a bronzer - nothing about me would ever pull off 'bronzing'. I have reluctantly included a photo of my pasty white leg with this product on the right half. It was difficult to photograph and get the color true to life, but I think you can still see that my leg is orangey. Orange is not a good look for me. Overall, I'm sure this is a nice product if you aren't translucent like me - it still applies just like the other body butters. For me though, this was just not doing it for me.
Color Quench Lip Tint in Coconut Nectar - 1 Star  This is the one product that I really didn't like. Forgive the creepy smooching photo, but can you see how white and frosty my lips look? I know the photo doesn't show it very well, but this color was frightening on me. I looked like someone out of a Tim Burton movie because it really just comes off as a frosty white color with a shimmer in it. Add to that the rough application problem I had with the other lip tint, and you have an not so happy Megan. The scent is nice, but it is also coconut and I've already said my feelings about that. All in all, I was not a fan. This is a tint made for a more tan person.

I had a lot of fun testing out these products and having all this with me made me very popular :) Everyone loved getting to smell all the products and try them out. All things considered, I really love the Pacifica line of products. Aside from a few small issues and personal hangups, these are high quality and definitely worth the money. I will reiterate that the most popular scent by far was the Tuscan Blood Orange, so if you're out somewhere you should definitely smell it for yourself. Or you could just head over to and try one for yourself :)

Not familiar with Bloom? Go here to sign up and take advantage of their real customer reviews and thei 365 day guarantee on every product :)

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