Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bloom Review: Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleaning Cloths

This was a really fun item included in my Bloom Ambassador box this month - a new product to Bloom that was recently featured on the Wendy Williams show - Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths.
I was given some info about these too - These are made with 8 pure plant-based essential oils, certified organic Canadian honey, sunflower oil, and vitamins B12, C, and E. They are 100% biodegradable, paraben-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, synthetic fragrance free, and tree free (they are made of bamboo). The bamboo is used to cling to the dirt better and the honey helps to keep the cloths nice and soft.

For this sample, I was asked to do a comparison between the Kaia brand cloth and a less expensive brand. I have to say, I was intrigued when I was told we were getting these as I am a big fan of the cleansing cloth (who wants to get all wet cleaning their face in the sink at night?) and I have been using a few different brands to see which one I liked best, so this was a perfect product to add into the mix. So far, I have used Ponds, e.l.f., Simple, and Olay cleansing cloths, and so far the e.l.f. brand has been my favorite both in price and in quality. Most recently though, I have been using Olay brand cleansing cloths since that is what I had (I got a bunch of them a few months back for cheaper than free!), so I will be comparing the Kaia and the Olay in this post.
First off, I started with a fully-made-up-face.
See all that eye makeup? I let my little sister do my makeup and she is always heavy on the eye products. This is important to see which cloth does better at the really hard to get off stuff like my waterproof eyeliner and mascara. So, I literally just invisioned a line going straight down the center of my face and wiped one half with the Kaia brand wipe first. The Kaia wipe cleaned my right side (the left side in these photos).
Look at all that! The first thing I noticed about the Kaia wipe was the smell - they smell wonderful. Also, the cloth feels very soft and also not sopping wet, which is nice. I've used a lot of cloths that leave my hands really saturated with liquid and it's pretty annoying. Also, the wipe didn't irritate my eyes at all while removing my eye makeup - this is a common issue for me. In fact I usually remove my eye makeup first with a cotton pad and some oil-based remover before I use a wipe on my face at night just to avoid this irritation, so it was a welcome surprise from the Kaia.
After that wipe down, here is what my face looked like. Please count my showing you m uncovered blemishes as a testament to the truly scientific nature of this experiment :)

Next was the Olay wipe on the left side of my face (right side of these photos).
It would be reasonable to say that the Olay wipe got just as much off of my face - maybe the Kaia got a little bit more, but not much. A notable difference is the size of the wipe. The Olay is a good few inches longer and wider than the Kaia, so you can get more off with one wipe from Olay. On the downside though, as I already knew it would, the Olay wipe irritated the heck out of my eyes. I like to first wipe my eyelids and then actually wipe under my lashes with my eyes looking up so I can be sure to get all sides clean, and that is killer on my eyes with the Olay wipe. It's so bad that I have to immediately rinse my eyes with water to stop the stinging. Granted, Olay does make a 'sensitive' wipe and this is just the regular type, but I have tried the sensitive as well and had the same issue.
This is my face after using the Olay wipe - pretty clean I must say. Both of my eyes look about the same as far as their cleanliness. Here is a head on comparison:
That darkening on the right of my eye is a shadow - I did actually get all of the makeup off with the wipes.
Please note that I scaled down the Olay wipe for these comparison photos to be the same size, so just remember the Olay wipe is much bigger than the Kaia. Looking at both side by side, it certainly looks like the Kaia grabbed onto more stuff, doesn't it?

After using both products side by side, I have noticed that the Olay side feels a little more oily than the Kaia side, almost like the Olay wipe left a slight residue. The Kaia side feels very clean still, so that's definitely a plus in their favor.

Final Conclusion:
All in all, I give the Kaia wipes 4 out of 5 stars. They are a great product. As you can see, they clearly got more makeup off me, even though it was just a slight difference, but the smell is wonderful, they don't irritate at all, they are natural and biodegradable, and they left no residue on my face after using them. The only reason I don't give them a full 5 stars is because of the price. These sell for $17.99 for a pack of 30 cloths! That's a pretty huge increase on the Olay, which sells for $5.49 for the same amount of cloths. I really liked these, but I'm not sure I would be able to justify spending that much when I could just wash my face traditionally for a lot less. If you are really looking for a fantastic wipe and you don't mind the cost, these are certainly a superior product!

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