Monday, June 25, 2012

Bloom Review: Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret

This is a fun item to review ;) I know that may seem a little enigmatic to you right now, but read on dear friend as I will explain my reasoning behind the wink. (P.S. I'm sure there will be many a smiley face icon throughout this post. You have been warned.)
For those of you who are not familiar with the brand Booty Parlor, all of their products - from lip gloss to body creams and powders - are infused with pheromones to increase the wearer's desirability :) Straight off I wondered how I would be able to convey the results of my little experiment of this product without causing my readers to blush, but just keep in mind this is all done in the name of science. Also, know that it is very awkward for me to say that my husband finds me 'sexy' so I really won't use that word. I mean, he's my husband so obviously he likes what he signed up for, right? Anyway, onto the official sounding stuff.

Booty Parlor's Flirty Little Secret is a firming bronzer with pheromones.  The online description of this says,
Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Bronze Edition is a stunning multi-tasking formula that creates a golden glow on your skin, attracts the fun crowd, and firms your skin all over. Formulated with a proprietary pheromone blend, this flirty favorite will inspire body-to-body chemistry and make you even more irresistible that you already are. Plus, wheat proteins and skin polishers smooth and perfect your outer beauty.
So, I went into this expecting firming, a 'glow', and a little extra hubby attention. My only fear with this product was that it is a bronzer. If you have read my blog for a while, you will have seen what I look like and I could never in a million years be described as even close to bronzed. Generally bronzers just come out orange on my skin and I have no desire to look like a kid who got into sunless tanner for the first time - not very sexy.

So, I gave it a valiant try. Unfortunately my suspicions with the oranginess were confirmed. It was bad - I deliberately didn't take a picture. I tried to rub it in as best as I could, but it seems to spread very far and doesn't soak up very fast, so I just spread it around a bunch creating more streaks. Even with my orange streaked self, I decided to just wear pants and give it a go. I didn't notice much firming at all. Also, I've read other reviews where people are saying that this stuff smells amazing - I think I must be immune to the pheromones or something because this almost had no smell to me at all. I even had my husband try to smell the bottle, and he agreed it didn't have any smell to it. It did have the promised glow to it with the shimmer it applies, so I guess there's that.

In light of my overall experience, I'm going to have to give this product 2 stars. Not very thrilling. Combine the orange color on me to the lack of scent and lack of firming, I'm thinking this stuff is designed for pure placebo effect; a.k.a. the wearer uses it when they want to feel more attractive and this causes more confidence on their part thereby making them appear sexier. If this is the case, I say save your money and eat some oysters or something.

Want to check this product out for yourself? Go to to try it out.

*I received a bottle of Flirty Little Secret to facilitate my review, but the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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