Monday, May 21, 2012

Sorry For Being MIA

I just wanted to give an update and apologize for not posting so often lately. The last 2 weeks have been very hectic at Chez Show and Tell. I've been trying to clean up my house (a.k.s. clean OUT my house) in between my normal job and getting a little time to do things I like just to keep me sane. I've been working on my sewing projects to try to get them done during the month of May (for Me Made May), which I have really enjoyed. I've also discovered the wonderful world of sewing blogs and I'm very excited to try new sewing projects. I've even gotten my learn on a little bit on Craftsy. Honestly though, those things really weren't what took my time so much as the mundane day to day stuff I have to get done to keep us going.

I've also had a few photography jobs lately, which is nice for a little side money and we desperately need that right now. I love taking portraits and wedding photos and such (my husband and I made our own little business of it), but it is very time consuming to edit the photos. I have still been keeping up with the freebies and deals, but honestly there has been kind of a drought with that too. Add that to the fact that I haven't been coupon shopping since my Publix fiasco a month ago, and I just haven't had the motivation to keep up with the coupons right now. I am taking a little bit of a coupon break - have no fear, I will be back at it again soon. I can't bear to pay normal grocery store prices when I know I can get things cheaper.

So, I will still be around and post whenever I can, but I know it will not be as often as I have usually done. As always, you can check the other coupon blogs I post along the left side of the blog to keep you in the know on the coupon goings on. I hope your life isn't currently as busy as mine :)

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