Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Second-Hand Fabric Score!

So, my friend Tara called me on Monday night to tell me something really cool :) She had been given 4 enormous rubbermaid tubs (like the 20 gallon size, seriously) full of fabric, sewing patterns, yarn, notions, you name it! And she wanted to share - even better :) We sat in her garage and went through it all and I ended up with one of the huge tubs full plus a couple small boxes! Yahoo! Basically, I got everything that Tara didn't want and then what I don't want out of it, I will give to a group of volunteers sponsored by AT&T that make heart pillows for cancer patients :) So, here is the full tub:
Check out that scrap piece on the top with the leaves - it's called Copa Cabana and it was printed in 1987 :) Hiding in amongst the pile was also this:
Yes, friends. This is original 1980s acid washed denim - with pastel bunnies on it. This is only a scrap piece and honestly, I don't know what's worse about that - the fact that someone had something made out of this at some time or the fact that there isn't enough left for me to make some shorts for my little sister as a joke :) I did keep quite a bit of the hoard, but here are me select favorites that I know I will use well:
The blue spotted stuff will definitely be enough for a dress :) And the two plaids will make at least a skirt each, maybe a shift dress - we shall see. The blue with the red and white squares is only a small piece, but it's so me, I know I'll use it on something. And that weird quilted looking pattern stuff on the right is actually already half way to being a skirt. Someone took 2 yards of fabric and sewed the ends together, pinned in a zipper and even hand stitched the hem! That was dedication right there. I feel I have to finish it since the hardest stuff is already done for me.
The loot also included patterns and these two are my favorites of the set that was too new to sell for their antique value :) Isn't that petal style skirt cute? And the other one has accordion skirt patterns in it :) I know somewhere down the line I will be able to use these guys.

So, thanks Tara for being to generous with your fabric gift :) I will put them to good use!

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