Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me Made May Update: My Dress

Well, I got my dress all together last week on my day off. It's not finished yet - I still have to do some alterations and put in the zipper and hem it - but at least you can tell it's a dress now!
Here is a full view of the dress :)
I need to fix how wobbly the waist band seams are. I thought I was doing ok, but I was paying such close attention to making sure the pleats laid down right that I forgot to pay attention to my lining fabric making it slip around.
This is one of my favorite parts - pockets! Not only are they pockets, but they even have pleats over them so they go with the design across the front :)
Here is another part I am particularly proud of - the lining. I have never made anything with a lining before, but I decided to go full boar on this one and not only line the bodice like the pattern says but also line the skirt as well. This will help the white parts of the skirt not be so see through plus it will give the skirt a bit more oomph. And it makes a lovely swishing sound when I walk :) I'm really proud of how professional it looks inside (aside from that waist seam that I still have to neaten up).
See how nice all the lining looks? Honestly, this is a big thing for me that tells the difference between a store bought dress and a homemade one. It just finishes everything off and feels so much nicer to wear.

I can't wait to finish this baby up so I can wear it officially! I really hope I can finish it during the month of May, though I'm not sure if this will happen. I've kind of done everything that I can do by myself. I had my mom help me pin it on to check the fit last Friday (the day after I sewed this much), and it was really slumpy fitting. It was very upsetting - I almost cried a little because I had worked so hard on it and was afraid it was going to look awful on my. How depressing would that be? But my mom is good at sewing and she is going to help me fit it better. That has been the biggest problem - you can't just pin it on yourself and mark what needs to be fixed - you need outside assistance. Luckily my mom is happy to help me out.

So, I just wanted to document that I have been working toward my Me Made May goal :) Even if I don't make it completely by the end of the month, at least I am proud of what I have accomplished! I'll be sure to show off the finished product as soon as it's all done :)

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