Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bloom Review: LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner

As part of the May Bloom Ambassador program, I was asked to try and review a really neat new product line: LashFood. LashFood is a natural line of treatment cosmetics designed to give you thicker, stronger lashes. Their products are drug-free, cruelty free, synthetic fragrance free, gluten free... basically just a pure and natural solution that is similar to Latisse. Now, Bloom didn't know this before, but I am a former Latisse user, so I was really ready to put this natural alternative to the test. Even better - LashFood is approved for sensitive skin. Needless to say, I was excited to give it a try.
I was given the Nano-Peptide, Natural Eyelash Conditioner. The packaging is very nice and I was given an informational pamphlet on the whole LashFood line. So, before I get do to the nitty-gritty, I had to take some before photos of my eyelashes. After all, the main point of the product is to product thicker, stronger lashes. *Please forgive my goofy looking cross eyed shot - it's difficult to take close up pics of your eyes without that happening I have found.
So, not to toot my own horn or anything, but you can see that I already have pretty full lashes. This is partly natural and I guess partly due to other serum-filled eye products I use everyday (but I'll get to those later). 
As far as application goes, it is very easy to use. Just sweep the brush over the lash line exactly like you would with a liquid eye liner at night before you go to bed. Just wait for the liquid to dry before using any other eye products. And that's it! Easy-peasy. It doesn't smell weird, doesn't sting. It also doesn't discolor your eye lid or colored section of your eye (which is a big warning on the Latisse box).
As far as everything went when I first received the product a month ago, I was very happy with it :) 

So, how did this product perform? Let the pictures be the proof.
Honestly, I don't see much difference at all. Here is a combined shot of my eyes closed so we can see a direct comparison:
What do you think? If there is any difference at all, I can't see it. I had high hopes for this product and have used it diligently for 1 month. I even made sure to postpone this review until the last possible moment just so I could make sure my pictures were accurate to the full time. 

As a little bit of a disclaimer, I'm honestly thinking that the reason I saw no difference is just because my lashes were already so full and long. Maybe mine are tapped out as far as they can go, I don't know. I really don't doubt that if I had an issue with my eyelashes, this product would deliver. Like I said, I have used Latisse before, but that was several years ago. With the Latisse, I definitely saw results, though at the time I was not a blogger, so I took no pictures of the progress. 

As far as a direct comparison between Latisse and LashFood, there are differences other than just the results I saw. Like I said earlier, Latisse issues a warning that it may darken your eyelids and it may darken the colored part of your eye - that scared the heck out of me at the time and it was a constant worry. The LashFood has no side effects like that. Another thing I liked better about the LashFood is its applicator. It is all contained in one bottle, brush and serum together. With Latisse, it is much more eye-doctor-ish because the liquid is in a little dropper bottle and you have one time use brushes that you have to open from their sealed packages each time with strict instructions not to reuse them. I always felt the was wasteful and unecessary - I think the LashFood got it right on that. A strange similarity I found was that when I started using either one, I had more lash loss initially. I've always thought that was weird since these products are supposed to make you grow and retain lashes, not lose them. Also with either product, my lashes did grow back in, so I guess the initial loss is normal.

In Conclusion...
I'm going to have to give this product a 3 star rating. I really was rooting for it, but for me it just didn't work out. I think it would be a wonderful product for anyone who has eyelash problems, or cancer patients that have lost their hair, but for someone like me whose lashes didn't really need any help from the get go, it just isn't necessary. So, please take my review with a grain of salt and just judge for yourself. If your eyelashes aren't as thick as mine, then you should definitely give LashFood a try :)


  1. The eyelash conditioner is one of the products that are slowly getting rave reviews from many users all over the world.

    Aliya of Eyelash Growth

  2. You said you'd tell us more about your serum based daily products. I'd love to hear more. I've been thinking about giving latisse a shot, but I'm nervous and it's an investment. I know I could make some improvements on the day to day care. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well i have not used LashFood before; I am user of Latisse and started using it few months ago. It was the original Latisse so that gave me the exact result I was waiting for. I have found it just wonderful; you will start feeling the difference since the first month of the usage.


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