Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bloom Review: LashFood Mascara and Eyeliner

These were given to me to test out as an accompaniment to the LashFood Eyelash Conditioner. It was nice to get to try almost the whole line of products since they are all designed to work together. 
I was given the Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner from the LashFood line. Both of these products are infused with LashFood's conditioning serum, which conditioned the roots of your lashes to help you get stronger and healthier lashes. This is a big luring factor for me, as I currently use the Physician's Formula 2-in-1 Eye Boosting Eyeliner which boasts the same type of serum (I'm noticing differences in the serums though). I am always wanting to play up my eyes as I feel they are my best feature, so healthy lashes certainly help give me a nice pop in the eye department. Just like the LashFood conditioner, these products are all natural (another plus). These products are semi-waterproof and no smudge (another personal requirement).

How was the application?
This was a little tricky. I started with the eyeliner obviously and I like that it give you a decent length 'handle' to hold while applying it. This helps for a much smoother line than with some other types I have tried. The eyeliner goes on smooth and is fairly quick drying. My main issue with the eyeliner was how much it clumped my lashes. I applied this a few other times as a practice run and each time I got the same clumping. Admittedly the first time I used it I didn't really make an effort to not touch my lashes with the applicator, but all the other times I deliberately increased the angle I was holding the applicator at so it wouldn't brush through my lashes as I used it and they still clumped.
I had to pull out an eyelash brush to fluff them up a bit, which helped but they did still seem to have lost some of their body.
As you can see, I was able to separate them fairly well and the lines are pretty smooth, so I'm still on board.
Now for the mascara!
The application of the mascara was pretty straight forward. I love the brush - this is really my favorite type of mascara brush. It was nice and plump with plenty of bristles to aid in volume. The mascara had good coverage and it too was quick drying.
Unfortunately I had the same clumping problem with the mascara that I had with the liner. This picture doesn't show it as bad as it really looked in person. My lashed looked like hairy spider legs - not an attractive look. I'm a big perfectionist when it comes to lash separation, so I pulled out the brush again to break them up a bit.
This is my 'eh' face. It's not terrible, but they weren't very volumized and I like big volume in my lashes. When I brushed out the lashes to separate them, I had more black flakes shoot onto my face, so I had to follow up with a brush of more powder to smooth them away.
Overall, my eyes look good - they just aren't quite as good as I can usually make them look with other products. I guess that the conditioning serum is what makes these products so clump-inducing, so you really have to consider if you are ok with that trade off. Personally, I don't know if the conditioner is enough of a draw for me to deal with such clumping. I do plan on sticking it out and using this for a few days to see if it grows on me.

The final verdict:
I give these products both a 3 out of 5. They aren't really my favorites in the realm of eyeliner and mascara, but they certainly aren't the worst I have ever tried. If you are wanting to promote healthier lash growth and you don't mind brushing out your lashes a few times after each product, then this product would be perfect for you. I just have a pet peeve for clumping lashes, so it's not my cup of tea.

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