Monday, April 23, 2012

Bloom Review: Winks by Georgie Eye Lashes

I am super excited about this post and let me explain why :) First of all, I was selected a few weeks ago to be a Bloom Ambassador for This is a very unique online beauty store that has a 365 day guarantee: if you don't love it during 365 days of purchasing it, you can send it back and they even pay the shipping! Before I found Bloom, I never wanted to try anything new from an online beauty store because I didn't want to take the chance at being stuck with something I don't like. My make up bag is full of lipsticks that aren't a good color, eye shadows that don't last, mascaras that clump... the list can go on. Now that I have found Bloom, I don't have to worry about this type of wasteful spending. 

Anyway, so back to me being an Ambassador (I must confess, that is really fun to say). Bloom sent me a few of their new products to try out and review with my honest opinion. Of course, I was psyched! I got to try out fancy cosmetics and not have to buy them to do it - any coupon clipping, sale shopping girl out there would have been thrilled. So, my first item I was asked to try were Winks by Georgie false eye lashes.

Now, I am not what you would call a make up 'artist'. I can do my make up well, sure, but that has taken years of practice and learning what works and doesn't work for me. One thing I am not is a painted up kind of gal. I wear a face full of make up, don't get me wrong, but I like to just even out my skin tone and punch up my eyes a little. I'm not one for big glamorous looks - I'm more of an everyday wear sort. Hopefully you are catching my drift here that I don't usually wear false eye lashes outside of Halloween. Even with my previous experiences not being so fantastic when it came to falsies, I was intrigued by this company. Winks by Georgie are made of only safe and sustainable materials (both the product and the packaging) and use a non-latex based adhesive. This is a very nice thought because the main drag with faux lashes are the clumps of goo on your eye lids you try to cover up after application. Plus, if you have any kind of eye sensitivity, you wouldn't be able to wear a latex based ones. I don't have overly sensitive eyes, but my eyes do tend to dry out when they are put under the strain of some strange substance hanging on them; so when I have worn fake eye lashes in the past it was never for very long periods of time or else I would have very tired eyes very quickly. The fact that Winks by Georgie are sustainable is another plus by itself. How nice to know that you are not sacrificing the environment for your beauty :) 
This is everything that comes with the lashes. For $28, you get the very nice looking faux lashes, certified organic blue chamomile adhesive, and a mirrored compact/carrying case. The packaging is very pretty, especially considering it is all sustainable. The mirror is a good size, so you really could use them while you were out and about, which is also a nice bonus.

Now, down to the nitty gritty: How difficult were they to apply? This is always a concern with false lashes for everyone, including myself. These lashes were surprisingly easy to apply. Yes, I have said it - Easy To Apply! Hooray! These were the directions for putting them on:

1. Apply whatever makeup you intend to wear for the day (the lashes should be the last thing put on). Hold the lashes onto your eye to see if they are the right size for your eye. If they are too long, cut off a small bit until they are as long as your actual lash line.
2. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the edge of the lashes and make sure you get a little more on the outer corners. Bend them into a U shape and hold this shape for 60 seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky. *Please not that you should bend them a little more than I did in my photo, I learned that after taking it. The more U shaped the bend, the better they will curve to your eye.
3. Lay the center of the lashes on the center of your lash line
and gently press down to adhere. *I pressed a little longer at the corners to make sure they stuck well.
4. Repeat on other side and enjoy!

This is me with just the first eye done. See the difference? I actually have nice lashes naturally, but I cannot argue with the results of these false ones. It makes me look like I have no lashes at all on my other eye, lol. (Also, please ignore the dorky hair clips, my bangs kept getting in the way.)

Here is a picture of the finished look. I'm really happy with how they look! They aren't cartoony big or bulky at all. They look very natural but glamorous, just like the package promises. I felt very 60s glam while wearing them :) Zou, Bisou, Bisou folks :)

Even from the side, they blended in well - obviously I need to do a little better at lining them up with my lash line next time, but look at the volume I got with these babies.

When you are ready to take them off, the instructions say to peel them off and then gently rub the excess adhesive off with your fingers. My adhesive seems to have stuck a little better than they anticipated, so I actually had to hold the lashes with one hand and kind of scrape my finger nail across the edge to get anything to come off. There is still some clumped in between the base of the lashes, so hopefully it will loosen before I want to use them again.
The case works really nicely for them as well because they can slightly stick to the curve inside the bow, helping them retain their shape after use.

How did they feel while they were on? These were honestly the most comfortable pair of false eye lashes I have ever worn. There was not a lot of adhesive needed, so I didn't have any bulk in my lashes. I could close my eyes without having them feel tight like some other adhesives have done to me before. Also, this stuff really held on well. I walked the dog while wearing them (oh, the glamour) and the wind was blowing hard right at me and the lashes held on just fine. Also, even though they added volume to my lashes, I was still able to comfortably wear my glasses without the lashes brushing against the lenses - nothing in the world aggravates me more, so this was a fantastic plus to these lashes.

All in all, I give these a 4.5 out of 5 rating. The only reason I took off half a star was because of the adhesive sticking in the lashes at the end. All in all, I really liked these. They gave a natural look (even my husband said he couldn't see that I was wearing fake lashes - I mean, he knew I was, but just to look at me he couldn't tell), they were simple to apply and easy to take off, and they were very comfortable while on. I honestly will wear these often. And the sustainability factor is an added bonus for me :)

To check these out or get a pair for yourself, head over to and choose from the 3 different styles. The ones I'm wearing are No.2 :)

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