Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Target, Publix, and CVS - Oh My!

I started off my deal hunting today at Target :) There were a few things I forgot on my last trip.
  • Aussie Hi Hold + Hi Shine Hairspray (with cute little kangaroo doll + $1 coupon), $2.84 - Used Free coupon from defective product = Free
  • 4 Dentyne Ice 3 packs, $2.00 - Used four $1 off Dentyne Multi Pack coupon from the 3/4 SS AND four $1 off Target printable coupons = 4 for Free
I only ended up paying 42¢ for the tax :)
    Next was on to Publix :) I went to the PSJ store first but they only had 3 boxes of Crispix, and I had to have 4 to use my coupons. So, I headed to the Knox McRae store and I was not disappointed :)
    • 8 boxes of Cheez-Its, $4.19 B1G1 - Used four $1 off 2 Cheez-Its printable coupons =$1.60 each
    • 4 boxes of Crispix, $4.09 each - Used 4 Buy 2 Cheez-Its Get 1 Crispix Free peelie coupons from previous Crispix boxes = 4 for Free
    • 2 boxes of Keelber Jumbo Fudge Sticks, $3.69 each - Used 2 Buy 3 Cheez-Its Get 1 Jumbo Fudge Sticks Free Target Printable coupons = 2 for Free
    • 2 Philadelphia Chocolate Indulgence, 2 for $4 - Used $1 off Indulgence printable coupon AND 75¢ off coupon from the newspaper AND $2 off 2 select Kraft products Publix coupon from the yellow advantage buy flyer = 12¢ each
    • Philadelphia Cooking Cream, 2 for $4 - Used $1 off printable coupon and $2 off 2 select Kraft products Publix coupon from the yellow advantage buy flyer = Free
    • Kraft Fresh Take Kit, 2 for $4 - Used $1 off printable coupon  and $2 off 2 select Kraft products Publix coupon from the yellow advantage buy flyer = Free
    • $5 off $30 Winn Dixie Coupon
    Without my coupons my total would have been $69.22, but I only paid $8.41! Yahoo :) And my dad wants to buy some of the Cheez-Its off me (let's face it - I certainly don't need that many crackers), so my total will have been $2.03 out of pocket :) In case you were having trouble finding the Indulgence locally  (all the stores were out of stock last week), both the PSJ and Knox McRae stores have them now.
    *Also, I only needed 2 more cereal UPCs to send in my Kellogg's $10 Gas Card Mail In Rebate, so I will be getting $10 back in the mail :)
      On my way home I figured I would store in CVS to scan my card and see if I got any sweet coupons. When I didn't, I decided to check on a few items that have been out of stock but I had free coupons for - the great thing about CVS is that if their coupon machine gives you a coupon for a free item but the store is out of stock, they will still honor the coupon later on no matter when it expired.
      • 2 boxes of CVS brand Fabric Bandages, $3.99 and $3.69 - Used 2 Free coupons from the Magic Coupon Machine (expired 8/16/11!) = 2 for Free
      Moral of the story = Always keep your CVS coupons even if the item is out of stock!

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