Monday, February 13, 2012

Food on the Table: Free Meal Planning For Life!

Food on the Table is currently offering a free lifetime subscription to their meal planning service if you sign up using promo code FEBFREE. To grab this, go here and enter your email *DO NOT SIGN UP THROUGH FACEBOOK* - if you sign up using Facebook, there is no way to put in the code. Just make sure you have febfree typed into the promo code slot to get started and that's it! Once you're signed up, it will have you choose foods you like, etc so it can start generating meals for you. This is a great deal - even if you aren't looking for a meal planning service, it could always come in handy when you need a little inspiration for dinner now and then.

Just so you know, this service normally costs $5 per month, so to get it free for life is a fantastic offer! Hurry while this offer is still good :)

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