Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Day for Zaycon Foods Order! 40 lb Chicken for $1.69 per/lb!

Zaycon Foods is a great service that can help you grab a sweet deal on chicken this week :) They get a truck full of meat (chicken, ground beef, bacon, etc) fresh from the factory (it's never been frozen) and drive it down south, stopping at designated places along the way to deliver the boxes to those who have preordered it.

Today is the last day to order your 40 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts at only $1.69 per lb! This comes out to $67.60 total for 40 lbs of chicken! That is a fantastic deal. I have a BJs membership and I used to always get my meat there until I learned about Zaycon Foods a few months ago. I ordered 40 lbs of lean ground beef a few months ago (see my post here), and I have been nothing but thrilled with it. The meat is delicious and it was without a doubt the best price around.

So, if you live in Cocoa or Titusville, the nearest stop on the route is in Cocoa on Rosetine st. This is literally right across the street from BCC's Cocoa Campus in the Church of God parking lot. You go through the first entrance and make the loop around the building to exit out the other entrance. It's at the exit that your car will be loaded and you can get home to freeze it :)

If you want to take advantage of this, today is the last day, so go here to sign up and place your order!

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