Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Zumba Fitness 2 House Party

I know I had shown my party pack I received from House Party earlier this week. Well, today was the day for the actual party!
I got all the freebies for the guests set up :)
And the game all ready to go :)

Shamefully, I didn't take many pictures at all. We were all so busy working out butts off, I didn't even have the time to take more.

Our Review: 
We all really enjoyed the game - I have to say, it's the best workout game I've ever played. I'm also really glad that this party was specifically for the Nintendo Wii version of the game. I have a wii, and xbox 360, and a playstation, but I can't see how I would have liked the game better on the other consoles. The belts that you see in the picture actually come with the game, and these are for you to slide your wii remote in the green mesh pocket and then strap them to your hips. This made it so much easier to dance since we didn't have to worry about dropping the remote. Also, Zumba is mostly about your hip movements anyway, so to hold the remote would kind of defeat the purpose. Also, my mom has the original Zumba Fitness game for her xbox 360, but it requires the kinect. I like the kinect, but it would have been very difficult to play this in a group on the xbox. The kinect works as a camera that reads your movements and you have to be centered in a certain place for the camera to pick you up. You didn't have to worry about that with the wii. Since the remotes on your hip captured your movements, you could literally be anywhere, so we were able to spread out enough to really move.
The game play itself is very simple. You just make a profile, and you can put in your height, weight, age, etc. This was a great asset, because at the end of your routine, it not only tells you how accurate your dancing was, it also tells you how many calories you burned according to your weight and level of activity during the song. This actually does work too, because all 3 of us that played were different heights and weights so for it to tell us each our individual calories burned was a nice plus. I burned almost 1000 calories :)

The skill level of the dancing was great too. Even if you are not a dancer, you would be able to pick this up fairly quickly. Most of the moves get repeated many times throughout the routine, so if you don't get it quite right the first time, you end up perfecting it by the end. Also, you can choose the length of your workout and the intensity. We did one short session on low intensity and one medium length session on medium intensity. Believe me, we all got a good workout and had fun at the same time.
Here we are after our workouts, all hot and sweaty :) I'm really glad I had the chance to have this party, and even more glad that I have found a fun new workout routine that I can do at home whenever I want! As a person who is not a big fan of working out, this game is just the thing I need. Anything that can make getting in shape fun and doesn't require me to pay a membership fee is good in my book :)
Thank you House Party for choosing me to host this event! I loved every minute of it!

P.S. I received lots of coupons in my party pack for $5 off the game if you buy it at Game Stop. Also, I have 1 week passes to try a Zumba at an actual class at any 24 Hour Fitness, and 30% off $100 purchase in Zumba gear on their website. If anyone is interested in these coupons, feel free to email me your info at

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