Saturday, November 5, 2011

Got My Zumba Fitness 2 House Party Pack!

Hooray! I got my party pack today from for my Zumba Fitness 2 party that will be on November 12th (next Saturday!). I was getting a little worried since I hadn't received it yet, but now I am all ready to go for next week! My kit included:

  • Zumba Fitness 2 Game for the Nintendo Wii
  • 4 Wii Remote Belts
  • 8 Zumba bracelets
  • 14 Week-long passes to try Zumba at a 24 Hour Fitness
  • 14 Z-Life Magazine discount cards with 30% off Zumba merchandise codes
  • 14 coupons for $5 off Zumba Fitness 2 game at Gamestop
  • Z-Life Magazine
I am really excited to give the game a try and to have everyone try it with me next weekend. Also, look at all the coupons! Those will be going to me guests :)

Not a member of Go here to sign up. It's free and you will be able to enter to win party packs like the one I got. They have different parties all the time, so sign up here so you can be notified when new parties open up. What have you got to lose?

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  1. Do you know anyone who received 30% off coupons for Zumba merchandise that would be willing to sell the coupon? Would love to get one.


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