Saturday, November 5, 2011

110 More Recyclebank Points

Sign into your Recyclebank account and get ready to grab more points :) 

1. After you sign in, click on Earn Points. You will see that the Aveeno Pledge challenge has reset :) So you can follow that link and take the three pledges to get 50 points!
2. Click this link to watch a quick slideshow about coffee cups and get 10 points from Kashi!
3. Click this link and watch the video. Take a short quiz about household appliances and get 25 points!
4. Click this link and watch a video about composting and get another 25 points from Q-Tips :)

Not a Recyclebank member? Go here to sign up - it's free and you can earn points by doing easy quizes like these as well as other simple tasks and then cash your points into rewards like high value coupons!

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