Friday, October 7, 2011

My New Coupon Bag!

I was at Barnes and Noble tonight after going to dinner with my husband :) As I was walking around, I stumbled on the sale section (as I always do) and found one of these canvas bags left!
It was marked down to half price plus I have the membership card (extra 10% off) and this weekend there is a printable coupon for members to get another 15% off one item. With all my discounts, my new bag cost me $5.14 :) I love canvas bags for my coupon binder. I've tried other kinds and the corners of my binder just seem to wear holes in any lighter material. My current canvas bag is looking pretty dirty, so this will be a fresh change :)

And how appropriate that I will carry my coupons around in a bag that I got a great deal on!

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