Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday's Sweet Deals

On my way home from work yesterday, I had a serious craving for some Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorn - I'm honestly wondering if they put some kind of addictive chemical in that stuff. So, even though I avoid going in there, I went to Walmart because they have it the cheapest. So, I had to grab a few freebies at the same time.
  • 3 bags of Popcorn Indiana Popcorn, $2.50 each
  • 4 single serve bottles of Simply Lemonade, $1 each - Used four $1 off Any Simply Lemonade printable coupons = 4 for Free
  • 1 single serve bottle of Simply Orange Juice, $1 - Used $1 off Any Simply Orange printable coupons = Free
  • 1 trial size 3 pack of Cascade ActionPacs, 97¢ - Used $1 off Any Cascade coupon from the 8/28 PG insert = Free + 3¢ overage
  • Renuzit Super Odor Killer Cone, 94¢ - Used $1 off Any Renuzit Super Odor Killer Product = Free + 6¢ overage
So, I literally only paid for my popcorn :) Even the cashier was excited, which in itself is a rarity.

My husband and I made last night into a date night with my latest coupons :) Because I 'like' Romano's Macaroni Grill on Facebook, they sent me a coupon for B1G1 EntrĂ©es this weekend only. Being that Macaroni Grill is my favorite Italian place, we just had to take advantage of this coupon. They have added a bunch of new items so I had to try one out :) I got the Mom's Ricotta Meatballs and Spaghetti - holy cow those meatballs were melt in your mouth delicious. I highly recommend them.

After dinner, we had some time to kill before our movie started, so we went to Target. I have had 3 items that my local Target store has been out of stock on or just flat out doesn't carry, but I got lucky with one of those items at the Waterford Lakes store.
  • 4 bottles of Nivea Gel Body Wash, $2.99 - Used four $2 off Any Nivea coupons from the newspaper and four $1 off Any Nivea Skincare Target printable coupons = 4 for Free + 4¢ overage
They may have only had the one scent of this stuff, but it smells good and I was honestly just thrilled to find it :)

Then to kill some more time, we drove over to Jeremiah's Italian Ice on University - if you have never been there, you are seriously missing out. They have Italian ice in different flavors that they mix with soft serve ice cream = delicious. Even better, I had a B1G1 coupon from the charity coupon booklet I bought from the movie theater several months ago, so we got both of our medium sized treats for $3.51. Try the pomegranate ice with vanilla ice cream. Yum.

Then, we kind of putzed around Barnes and Noble for a while to kill time, and then headed to our movie. I used my Living Social deal I grabbed a few months ago with two tickets for $9. We saw The Debt, which I have been looking forward to since May when I saw the trailed for the first time. It was really good, I liked it a lot.

Since our movie didn't let out until 12:15 am, I talked my sweet hubby into taking me by our local CVS on the way home. I was hoping that since it is a 24 hour store that the new deals would start at midnight, and I was very happy to see that they do :) I have been looking forward to getting my Skintimate Shave Cream for a few weeks and knew it would be out of stock if I waited til Monday, so I grabbed them now :)
  • 6 bottles of Skintimate Shave Cream, $1.99 each - Used six $1 off printable coupons and six $1 off CVS printable coupons = 6 for Free 
  • Dove Chocolate Bar, $1.19 - Used Free Milky Way or Dove bar coupon from the Magic Coupon Machine that night = Free
  • Hershey's Air Delight bar and Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar, $1.19 each - Used two Free Caramello bar coupons from the Magic Coupon Machine (the cashier said they were substituting that coupon for any Hershey's candy bar since the Caramellos were out of stock so fast) = 2 for Free
Even better, since I got an Air Delight as one of my candy bar substitutions, I got 99¢ back in ECBs due to this week's sale :) So, I paid 89¢ for everything you see and I got $1 ecb back from my bag tag and 99¢ ecb back on the candy bar = I made money :)

So, it was certainly a long day/night but I got some great deals and had a lot of fun with Justin. I'm glad we got to have a nice night out :) All thanks to couponing.

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