Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweet Find at Goodwill!

I was in the area of the Goodwill earlier today and I hadn't gotten to go there in quite a while so my husband obliged me and let me take a look around :) And I'm so glad I went! Look what I picked up:
A very lightly worn pair of pair of nice sandals :) Now, what's so special about these sandals? I'll show you:
These are Cole Haan sandals! If you aren't familiar with Cole Haan, he is a higher end designer and these shoes would retail between $80 and $120 brand new and I got this pair for $3.99 :)
The soles honestly seem like they were never worn - all the tread is still there with no scuffing. The only thing wrong with these is a small repair that has been done near the thong piece:
It really took me some time to find this flaw and they were repaired very well :) I think for $3.99, I can live with a small stitch that you can hardly see.

What made this even better is I finally got to use my bottle of Nixwax Leather Shoe Cleaner that I got for Free from them a few months ago :) So now they are all cleaned up and I have a nice new pair of $100 sandals :)

This is why it's great to check your local thrift shops every once and a while. You never know what good finds you can pick up!

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