Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Interesting Publix Trip

Well, I tried to get some free cereal tonight, but unfortunately my entire area (3 different stores) is completely sold out. I started off in the PSJ store, and I had all of my other groceries already in my cart and I asked if there were any more cereals in the back only to be told that they were all gone. I went to get a rain check and the woman at customer service was one of the only Publix employees who has acted so mean to me ever. She seemed very put out that I wanted a rain check and I told her I needed it for the General Mills cereals. She very curtly said, "Which one?" And I responded with all the ones that were on sale, and she again just said, "Which one? You have to pick one." So I said never mind - the sale was for all of the cereals, not one particular type. I put my groceries back and left for the Knox McRae store in hopes that they would have them. I even called to check before I arrived and they were very apologetic and said they would give me a rain check. They were very nice and made sure the rain check was for all the cereals and apologized for the actions of the PSJ store - I've developed quite a repore with the employees at the Knox McRae store :)

Since they were out of the cereal, it really put a wrench in my plans for my trip since I needed to hit the $30 mark so I could use my Winn Dixie $5 off $30 coupon as well as get the gas card for $10 off. So, while my trip wasn't as inexpensive as I had hoped it would be, I retooled and still came out successful :)
  • 6 cans of Del Monte Green Beans, $1.39 B1G1 - 69¢ each
  • Jif To Go, $2.19 - Used Free coupon from Target sample - Free
  • 4 Papermate Pen 10 pacs, 2 for $1 - Used two $1 off Target printable coupons = 4 for Free
  • Publix Vanilla Ice Cream, $3.50
  • 2 packs of Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry Juice, $3.99 B1G1 - Used two $1 off printable coupons  (only one print per computer) = 99¢ each
  • 2 Sundown Vitamins Folic Acid, $3.79 - Used two $1 off printable coupons and $6 off 2 Sundown or Osteo Bi-Flex Publix coupon from the green flyer at the front of the store = 2 for Free + 42¢ overage
  • 2 Sundown Vitamins B-Complex, $3.99 - Used two $1 off printable coupons and $6 off 2 Sundown or Osteo Bi-Flex Publix coupon from the green flyer at the front of the store = 2 for Free + 2¢ overage
  • $50 BP Gas Card - Used $10 off Any Gas Card with Any $25 purchase coupon from the weekly ad = $40
Without sales and coupons, my total would have been $96.86, but I only paid $44.46 and that's including $50 worth of gas. Still pretty dang good considering the disappointments at the beginning of my trip. And at least I got rain checks for the items so I can get them when they are back in stock :)

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