Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CVS Surprise

I had to pick up Justin's prescription today at CVS, and when I scanned my card at the magic coupon machine, it gave me a nice surprise :)

  • TG Lee Gallon of Milk, $3.79 - Got $1 ecb back
  • 18 ct U by Kotex Liners, $1.59 - Used Free U by Kotex 18 ct Liners coupon from the magic coupon machine = Free
So, with my free liners and my $1 ecb from my purchase last time, I paid $2.59 for both items :) Then I got my $1 ecb back from the milk. I also asked about the Skinny Cow Candy because they were all out and the lady said they would be getting a truck tonight with more, so if you have had trouble finding it, check the CVS on 50 and Barna tomorrow :) And remember to scan your card to see if you get the free liners!

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