Thursday, July 7, 2011

Late Night at Target and Walmart

I have to admit, I have been putting off going to Target, but now I am kind of glad I did just because of what I found!
  • 6 double packs of John Frieda Full Repair (treatment and shampoo or conditioner), clearance $5.98 each - Used six $5 off Full Repair Styler coupon from the newspaper and three $3 off 2 Target printable coupons = 6 for Free + $3.12 overage!
  • 2 Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Polish, $2.49 each - Used two $1 off printable coupons (no longer available) and two $1 off Any Sally Hansen Nail Product Target printable coupons = 49¢ each
  • Hotwheels Car, $1.07 - Used $1 off printable coupon (on Target's website, but a manufacturer coupon) =
  • 3 pack of Stride Spark Gum, clearance $1.48 - Used $1 Target printable coupon = 48¢
  • Benadryl Itch Stick, $2.29 - Used $2 coupon from peelie pad at CVS = 29¢
  • 10 pack of Papermate Pens, $1.02 - Used $1 off Any Papermate Target printable coupon =
  • 4 packs of Trident Layers gum, clearance 86¢ each = 4 for $3.44
So, with all my coupons and overage, I paid $1.89 :) I was thrilled! I have seriously been holding onto a huge stack of those Full Repair coupons for over a month because all the other deals were always completely gone by the time I got there. Well, it goes to show you, patience pays off sometimes :)
    After Target, I went by Walmart (which I had also been avoiding).
    • 3 bins of Bug Gummi Candy, clearance 25¢ each
    • 8 boxes of KY Jelly, $2.62 each - Used eight $3 off printable coupons (no longer available) = 8 for Free + $3.04 overage
    • 4 Trial Packs of Cascade Complete Packs, 97¢ each - Used four $1 off coupons from the 7/3 PG insert = 4 for Free + 12¢ overage
    • 4 Black Flag Fly Swatters, 98¢ each - Used four $1 coupons from the newspaper = 4 for Free + 8¢ overage
    • White Cloud Baby Wipes, $1.50 - Used $1 off Any White Cloud Product coupon from All You Magazine = 50¢ 
    • Chapstick Lip Gloss Pot, clearance 25¢
    • 2 six-packs of Rayovac AA Batteries, $3.47 each - Used two $2 off printable coupons (no longer available) = $1.47 each
    • 6 packs of Mentos UP2U Gum, $1.28 each - Used six $1 off coupons from the newspaper = 28¢ each
    I also got a few other things that helped out with my overage :) Everything went fine except that I had to argue with the cashier to use my coupon on the White Cloud baby wipes. It was the age old wording verses picture argument - the coupon showed two types of toilet paper, but said Any White Cloud Product. After my very cheerful cashier called a manager over, they told her to just take it since I was right. I just wanted to show you that if you are right, you will prevail. Yes, there are times when you should just let it go and walk away, but in this case, it just took one other person who immediately backed me up and everything was fine. Yes, it's frustrating, but if you are using coupons correctly and in a fair way, there is no reason a rational person can turn you away.

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