Monday, July 25, 2011

I Made $25 in Visa Cards From Publix

After purchasing 22 cereals on Saturday at Publix's 1/2 off Kellogg's sale, I have gathered all my upcs and promotion codes and redeemed them all!
I had 12 cereals that had promotion codes for the Cars 2 Gas Cards, which was enough to get 3 visa cards for $5 each :) I have already gotten my cards from the NutriGrain bars and it took about 3 weeks.

Also, when going through my binder last night, I came across the rebate form I posted about a while ago.
I already had 6 upcs I collected, but I had 10 more! So, I submitted my rebate form with the 10 upcs through the mail today and I will be getting a $10 Mastercard in the mail :)

This cereal buy keeps getting better and better!

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