Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Suave Professionals Products!

Suave has had their "Can You Tell?" game going on since March and I have already gotten my freebies 2 other times, but the game has reset again! Even if you have played it before, you can have another go at getting Free Suave Products!
Just head over here to play their guessing game :) Basically, you watch a bunch of videos of models in different hair disaster situations and you guess which model is using a salon brand and which one is the Suave Professionals brand. There really is no rhyme or reason to it, but they have stylists guess and you can choose to follow their lead or not (some of them are not right!). Depending on how many you guess correctly, you can choose from the available prizes -
1 Correct = 50¢ off 2 Products coupon
2 Correct = $1 off 2 Products coupon
4 Correct = 1 Free Product coupon
8 Correct = Free 1 Year Magazine Subscription
There used to be a 2 Free Products option, but it now says "unavailable" when I try to select it, so I settled for 1 for Free :) All of the coupons will be mailed to you and you should get them within 4-6 weeks.
So, get over there to give it a try and good luck!

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