Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CVS Trip

I wanted to take advantage of the Coke and Milk deals this week and lucked out :) First, I went to the magic coupon machine and it not only gave me $1.50 in my quarterly ECBs, it also gave me 7 other coupons :)

  • 50¢ off 2 Dove Large Chocolate Bars
  • 50¢ off Big Chill Purified Water, 20oz
  • $2 off Tylenol Precise
  • Free Air Delight Chocolate Bar
  • $2 off Skittles, Starbursts or Life Savers
  • $5 off Any $20 Skin Effects Purchase
  • 50¢ off Green Bag Tag
I couldn't use the Air Delight bar coupon since the store was out of stock and I held onto the skittles one so I can get one more tomorrow to use it with a manufacturer coupon :) I did find this though:
Woo Hoo :) I had read a few blogs mentioning people finding this clearance item, but at the time I didn't realize I had the appropriate coupon. On Sunday, whilst cleaning out my binder, I came across this peelie I forgot I had grabbed. This is why you always grab any peelie coupon you find! They only had one gel left at the Titusville store, so I will check the PSJ store tomorrow to see about using my one other coupon :)
  • 2 Gallons of TG Lee Milk, $3.39 each
  • 5 Coke 2 Liters, 69¢ each
  • Cristophe Professional Weightless Volumizing Styling Gel, clearance $2.49 - Used $2 off CVS peelie coupon = 49¢
So, after using my $1.50 ecb and my $6.79 ecb from 2 weeks ago, I paid $2.69! Woo Hoo :) The cashier said, "Wow, you go girl," when she read my total :) I even got another $1 ecb back for my green bag tag :)

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