Wednesday, June 15, 2011

*Update on Pepsi Deal at CVS*

I posted about this deal that I got in my email from CVS yesterday and I went to take advantage of the offer and there were issues, so I wanted to let everyone know so you don't have any problems.

The deal was emailed around to CVS subscribers that you can go in to any store today only and when you scan you CVS card at the magic coupon machine, it would print you a coupon to get a 12 pack of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi for only 99¢. I just went in about 30 minutes ago and scanned my card - it said I had no coupons. I scanned it again - again, no coupons. So, I asked the nearest employee (who turned out to be a manager of some type) and he said that for some reason their machine wasn't printing them for anyone. There also happened to be another customer who was there for the same reason and she said it didn't print for her either. The man I spoke to asked me a how I found out about the deal and if my email said I needed to print anything out to bring with me and I told him no. So, they said it was no problem and they would just change the price by hand at the register.
So, when you go in, make sure you tell your cashier that you received the email and the coupon didn't print at their machine and they will still give you the deal. They said it was no problem at all, but that the customer had to be sure to tell them if they had any issues, or the Pepsi would just be rung up at regular price. They may fix this issue later in the day, but if you do have any problems, just make sure to mention the email and you will be fine :)

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