Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday's Publix & Target Trips

Since I haven't had internet, I wasn't able to post them until now, but all of these deals are still available.

 At lunch, I went to Publix:
  • 8 boxes of Ronzoni Garden Harvest Pasta, $1.89 B1G1 - Used eight $1 off coupons from the newspaper = 8 for Free + 44¢ overage
  • 3 tubes of Tylenol Precise Cream, price cut to $4.99 - Used three $5 off printable coupons = 3 for Free + 3¢ overage
  • 1 box of Tylenol Precise Patches, price cut to $4.99 - Used $5 off printable coupon = Free + 1¢ overage
  • 2 Foot Long Buffalo Chicken Tender Subs, on sale $6.99 each
  • 2 Fountain Drinks 22oz, $1.19 each - Used two Free wyb foot long buffalo chicken sub printable coupons 
My pre-coupon and sale total was $67.63. I used a $5 off $30 Publix coupon on top of my other coupons and I only paid $9.49. I tried to pick up the Bayer Aspirin deal, but they were completely cleaned out, so I got a rain check :) But I will still check back this week to see if they restock.
Also, while I was there, I spotted this:
The You'll Melt For Sweet Summer Savings coupon booklet is in between the customer service desk and the pharmacy at the PSJ store. So hurry over and get one :)

After work, I went by Target:
  • Beatles Love T-Shirt, clearance $3.24
  • Goldeneye 007 Game Bundle with limited edition classic controller for the Wii, clearance $14.98
  • 2 Covergirl Nature Luxe Gloss Balms, $5.99 each - Used $5 off 2 coupon from 6/5 PG insert and two $1 off Target coupons from the Target Beauty Bag mailer = 2 for $4.98
  • 2 boxes of Nexcare Themed Bandaids, $1.68 each - Used two $1 off Target printable coupons and two 55¢ off coupons from the newspaper = 2 for 26¢
  • Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula, clearance $1.67 - Used $1.50 off printable coupon = 17¢
My total for everything here was $23.63! The best part was when I went to Walmart right after and saw this:
This was Walmart's clearance price for the same game I just bought. I love the back aisles of Target :)
I tried to get the John Frieda deal, but they were absolutely out of stock. I will check back later on in the week - hopefully they will get more before the gift card deal ends.

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