Monday, June 27, 2011

Lots of Recyclebank Point Opportunities!

Go here to watch this short video about Kashi Cereal Boxes and then answer a quick quiz to receive 25 points from Recyclebank!
**This is just enough to grab the $1 off Honest Tea coupon that has been reduced to only 25 points (normally 60 points)!
Also, head over here and click on 'Travel' at the top. The suitcase will open up and show you a scene with moving cars and boats and clouds. Just start clicking on things, because each clickable object has a pledge that will give you points! There are 8 clickable objects (cloud, flying red toaster, plane, boat, blue car, green car, train engine, train luggage) and if you get all of them, you will receive 70 points! Woo hoo! That can equal a few coupons from Recyclebank :)

If you are new around here and don't know what Recyclebank is, check out their website for more info and be sure to sign up here! It's free and is a great way to get high value coupons :)

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