Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Late Night at Walmart

Well, we all know how I only shop Walmart later at night :) Actually, tonight I think I went a little early. The aisles were kinda crowded which made it a bit more difficult to get to the items I wanted and then plan my mode of attack - so I will wait until later next time. On the bright side though, my cashier was very up on things. She knew what to do with the coupons that had overage and she had no problem price correcting an item that rang up wrong :)

I've developed a habit of starting my trip in my Walmart's "clearance section" which is actually a room at the front of the store that used to be a nail salon at the Titusville store. I just wander the room (which is seriously a big mess) with my coupon binder open and see what I can find. Here is what I found this time :)
This got2b product was on clearance for $2 and I just happen to have a $2 coupon from All You Magazine! Woo Hoo :) There were at least 10 of these on the shelf, so if you have the coupon too you should be on the lookout for it!

Here are the results of my night time venture:

  • 2 Black Flag Fly Swatter 2 Packs, 98¢ each - Used $1 off Any Black Flag Product coupons from the newspaper = Both for Free + 4¢ overage
  • Carefree Pantyliners, 94¢ - Used Free coupon from the newwspaper = Free
  • 2 bottles of KY Gelee, $2.62 each - Used two $2 off printable coupons = 2 for $1.24
  • got2b Powderful Volumizing Styling Powder, clearance $2 - Used $2 off coupon from All You Magazine = Free
  • 2 Ivory Soap 3 Bar Packs, 97¢ each - Used two $1 off coupons from the 5/1 PG insert = Both for Free + 6¢ overage
  • MaraNatha Organic No Stir Peanut Butter, (fantastic price!) $3.32
  • 4 Johnson & Johnson First Aid 2 Go Kits, 97¢ each - Used two $3 off 2 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Products coupon from SS blinkie box at Publix= 4 for Free + $2.12 overage
So, I could not believe the fantastic price on the peanut butter! I actually thought it was going to be $4.45 but happily I had read the wrong price tag :) So, for my entire purchase, my total before coupons should have been $20.44 and I only paid $3.06 :) Even when getting my favorite fancy peanut butter! I was thrilled :)

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