Friday, May 13, 2011

Yesterday's Shopping Trips

I had to run to Walmart to get some last minute supplies for my activity at church, and I figured I would make the most of my trip by picking up some coupon deals for myself :)
Here is my string cheese that I made money off of :) Walmart sells these individual ones for $0.33 and my coupon was for $0.40 off :) It tasted fantastic.
And I got my two free packs of Wilkinson Sword razors :) It took a little hunting in the razor section - they were at the bottom of the racks and in a small section, but this is what they look like.

I also picked up four 4 packs of Scott's Naturals Toilet Paper, $2.68 each. I used four $1 off coupons, making them $1.68 per 4 pack :)

On a less fun note, the price of milk in Aldi is officially $2.99. I was bummed. This has always been my cheap milk source. Within 6 months, I have watched the price go from $2.19 to $2.39 to $2.89 and now to $2.99. I know this is still cheaper than anywhere else - at Walmart it was almost $4! - but it is a depressing example of the fast rise in our cost of living. And don't even get me started on gas prices :(

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