Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Has Mickey Mouse Given You Lately?

For all you Disney-Loving-Folk out there, there are rewards for you! If you aren't a member of the Disney Movie Rewards program, you are seriously missing out.
Many years ago, Disney started a perks program for those who purchase their films. They started putting these little red stars down in the corners of their dvd boxes enticing you to join and get free stuff. I happily took them up on this and it has really worked out to my benefit :)

It's incredibly easy to become a member. Their home page explains all the ins and outs of how the program works in a quick video.
Basically, every eligible Disney dvd comes with a card inside that has a unique code. When you enter that code on, a certain number of points will be added to your account. Most dvds are 100 points, Blurays 125 points. You can also earn points from games, cds and movie tickets - yes, the movie ticket thing does work, I have submitted several tickets by now and I have gotten the points on them all. Also, DMR sends around a monthly summary of your account entitled "Your Members-Only Update" that will contain a code for at least 5 points. So, even if you don't buy any dvds, you can still get stuff!

Several of the prizes cost nothing and some cost very little, and if you have a child, some of them they would absolutely love. For example, they have one reward called "Enchanted Calls" in which you child's favorite Disney princess will call them on the phone on a specific day like their birthday. Would you have not flipped out over that when you were 4 or 5? I thought so. 

Obviously, since I'm posting about it, I do like this reward program. I'm a member of pretty much any reward program I am eligible for, and this is without a doubt the one I have gotten the most stuff from. Over the years I have received:
  • 1 Enchanted Call
  • A link charm bracelet
  • A Rapunzel Charm
  • A Beauty and the Beast Rose charm
  • A Reproduction Bambi Movie Poster
  • A Baby Kevin Stuffed Animal With Removable Zip-Up Egg
  • Donald in Math Magic Land dvd
  • Duck Tales Legend of the Lost Lamp dvd
  • Meet the Robinsons Bluray
This is just a small sampling of items. I've gotten many more over all the time I've been a member but I can't remember them all right now. You also can enter sweepstakes and take advantage of exclusive deals. The Meet the Robinsons Bluray was a "Birthday Gift" in which I was allowed to pick from 5 different titles for a freebie, which was pretty cool. 
Anyway, I could go on about this for a long time, but you should stop reading my ramblings and head over here to join and start getting cool Disney stuff for yourself! And here is your first code to start you off right: E2YU95MN7T. Enjoy!

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