Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Baby is 2 Today!

My little boy is officially 2 years old! *Sniff* It seems like only yesterday we were picking him out as a 4 week old puppy. Time definitely flies :) But he's still just as cute as the day we got him! We wanted to make his birthday special, so it all began with a breakfast of crisped sliced ham :)
It looks like he was pretty excited about that ham :)

We followed up breakfast with a car ride - one of his personal favorite activities.
Don't let that face he's making fool you, he loves me :)
Our car ride took our Gordo to Justin's family's farm in Mims, and nothing makes the best of a luscious field of grass like a good roll.
This is my favorite picture! Look at that smile :)
He got to hang out on the pool deck for a while, run through the field, smell numerous cats, and chase toys we threw for him. He had a blast! He even got 3 chicken nuggets with his lunch.
See the happiness :)
He got to finish off the celebration by watching everything go on around him underneath the car in the shade.
He made sure we were well protected and alerted if anything came by :) And most importantly dinner for Gordo was some hamburger and macaroni and cheese :) Followed by a few licks of ice cream for dessert (his favorite).
It may seem silly to everyone else, but I totally love this little dog. He is so much a part of our little family and he makes it that much better :) I hope he enjoyed his birthday treats and fun and that he knows how much we love him :) Here's to many more little man!

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