Friday, May 20, 2011

A House Party Surprise!

Today, I came home to find a small bubble mailer waiting for me. I was very surprised to find it was from House Party :) Look what I got!
House Party sent me two brand new PlayStation 3 Games! A couple of weeks ago, I applied to the PlayStation Online Rewards Program because I heard it would give you credits to download things on the PS Network. I had no idea it would lead to actual free games!

The program is to improve family time with the PS3. I get sent emails every week or so asking me how our family is doing and what we've done on the PS3. That's it! I looked on the website after I opened the package of games and now I see that there are polls specific to these games. Which is fine by me :) I'll be happy to play these for them - and I'm sure my husband won't mind either :)

So, if you are interested, go here to apply for this "After Party" :) Maybe we'll see each other on the PlayStation Network :)

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